In the product development and design phase not only about 80% of all product-related costs are set, but equally also as much environmental impact of the product during manufacturing, use, and disposal is being defined. If it is possible to consider environmental aspects in the early phases of the development of products, the chance is very large, to achieve positive effects in terms of environmental protection and at the same time produce a well selling product and to provide the company with a long-term economic success.

One only environmentally optimized product may not have a positive impact on environment f it is not consistent in terms of quality, cost-effectiveness and consideration of user needs. Many studies have shown that companies that decided early for Eco-design implementation, not only have a more secure market position than their less environmentally conscious competitors, but also reduce costs with Eco-design strategies and produce innovative products. The implementation of eco-design is possible in small and large companies and can start with a pilot project like the Eco-redesign of a specific product or be carried out in small continuous steps. Thingk Design offers a free consultation to develop an appropriate strategy and approach.

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